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Octagon Studio at Kaskus Photography National Gathering

Posted January 13th, 2016

Octagon Studio was honored to have been granted the privilege of attending the Kaskus Photography National Gathering which took place on Saturday, January 9 2016 at Taman Langsat, South Jakarta. The gathering was attended by no less than 100 people consisting of both photographers as well as photography enthusiasts mostly from the greater Jakarta area as well as Bandung.


Kaskus Photography is a considerably large and tightly knit community where members are able to share their knowledge and love for the art of photography as well as interacting and socializing on an online platform. According to Didit Abdul Fatah, the Chief Organizer of the event, this national gathering was based on the idea of strengthening the existing bond between members as well as a chance to showcase their photography skills and techniques. Naturally, prizes were provided and eventually rewarded to a number of deserving participants.


The event started off on a high note, as the Chief Organizer delivered his opening speech followed by the announcement of the winners of the Kaskus Photography Competition 2015. The winners were awarded with exciting prizes from the various sponsors, with Octagon Studio contributing its excellent products in the forms of the Octagon VR Luna and the 4D Flashcards.

Octagon Studio's Reza giving away the VR Luna


Octagon Studio's representative, Reza, attended the event with the intention of introducing and socializing the emerging new trend in photography to the community, namely the 360 degree photography. Some information regarding the basics of 360 photography was shared and was met with tremendous enthusiasm by community members.


Along the lines, some of the community members got the chance to try out the Octagon VR Luna and was surprised to learn that their smartphones were compatible to the virtual headset. This understandably caused some excitement as some of them were able to experience Virtual Reality for the first time. Last but not least, Octagon Studio's social platform of 360 photography and Virtual Tours,, was also being familiarized.