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Octagon Studio Engages the Public with Virtual Reality Technology at the Dago Car Free Day Bandung

Posted January 18th, 2016

As the prevalence of Virtual Reality in our everyday life is steadily rising, Octagon Studio on Sunday, 17 January 2016, took to the streets at the Bandung's Car Free Day (CFD) in the Dago area. The company deployed an away team to engage Virtual Reality technology to the general public by way of displaying and exhibiting the Octagon VR Luna and 4D Flashcards.

The CFD is renowned for its ability to attract people from various backgrounds and profession due to its street fair-ish appeal, Octagon Studio had therefore decided that the CFD would serve as the perfect venue for the company's interaction with the general public.

The Setup

Octagon Studio arrived on the scene at around 7.30 in the morning where a crowd of Sunday morning walkers was beginning to form and flock the streets. The team came fully equipped with the Octagon VR Luna as well as decks of 4D Flashcards to engage the public with. A tripod mounted camera was also present as a means to properly document the event.


The team began setting up shop at the most crowded spots and intersections of the road with the intention of directly interacting with the public as much as possible. The team hoped to achieve a double objective with this undertaking; to promote the VR Luna, the 4D Flashcards and other Octagon Studio's products and more importantly, to gauge the public's level of awareness regarding the technology of Virtual Reality and its day to day application.

As expected, it didn't take the team long to solicit the attention of passersby and onlookers. Within literally minutes of the initial setup, a number of people had flocked to the team's makeshift booth and started to test drive the VR Luna enthusiastically. The Virtual Reality experience that the VR Luna offered effortlessly captivated and captured the imagination of many people who were fortunate enough to take the VR Luna for a spin.

The public's response to this Virtual Reality exposure was inevitably varied; for some, this was their first encounter and exposure to the technology, some were quite familiar with the technology and its application, albeit in the broadest of terms. The majority of the respondent however expressed their disbelief that Virtual Reality technology was actually quite accessible and readily available to the general public.

The VR Luna Takes the Stage

The Octagon VR Luna received most of the attention during the Sunday's event, as quite a few people with VR headset experience praised the Luna's built and design as being both durable and comfortable. A number of people were also amazed to learn the fact that their mobile phones and gadgets were able to be utilized in unison with the VR Luna to deliver an immersive Virtual Reality experience.

From high school and college students to professionals and law enforcement officers, people from different professional backgrounds and age groups were able to experience the immersive experience offered by the VR Luna on Sunday. One of the highlights of the day was the discovery that a high majority of respondents with no prior experience in Virtual Reality headsets found the VR Luna to be very intriguing and possessing a high novelty value.

Understandably, quite a few people were looking to purchase the VR Luna on the spot and for those looking to experience the new and exciting technology of Virtual Reality, you can do so by acquiring the Octagon VR Luna at our online store and have it delivered right to your doorstep.

One reality is never enough, let the VR Luna guide you to countless worlds where the constraints of reality lose their volition.