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Octagon Studio Shares the Magic of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality with The Children of Rumah Cinta Anak Kanker Bandung

Posted January 22nd, 2016

Octagon Studio recently had the pleasure of visiting Rumah Cinta Anak Kanker Bandung, a privately owned, non-profit halfway house for children struggling with various types of cancer and the effects of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments.

The Octagon Studio team visited the Rumah Cinta Anak Kanker halfway house on Tuesday, January 19, 2016, and was welcomed by an enthusiastic crowd of young children (some as young as less than a year old) living and struggling with cancer; a life threatening disease with a notoriously high mortality rate. Along with the children, the founder and caretaker of the halfway house also greeted the team in a friendly and enthusiastic manner and proceeded to give the team a tour of the facility.

Ambu, as she is called, explained to the team the history behind the establishment of the halfway house. “I had lost my child to cancer several years ago,” she explained. “This halfway house was established 4 years ago and currently houses 20 children. The number changes on a daily basis as cancer patients come and go.”

As the name implies, Rumah Cinta Anak Kanker is a house founded on love and hope. “We are a non-profit facility and so we are very fortunate to have a number of committed donors and benefactors to keep the house going.”

The halfway house is designated as the unofficial gathering place for parents with childhood cancer patients located in the immediate vicinity of the Hasan Sadikin Hospital.

Easing the Pain

Inspired by Ambu's story, the team then proceeded to engage the courageous, battle-hardened children with the Octagon 4D Flashcards, namely, the Animal 4D and Octaland 4D, as a means to entertain them.

The team felt a surge of instant gratification as they saw the children's eyes light up with excitement and wonder as the Animals materialize right before their very eyes. Laughter and giggling were soon heard all over the house. It would appear that for the shortest of time at least, the children seemed to be able to forget their life and death battle against the unforgiving cancer.

“We have a social and environmental responsibility to uphold as a company,” said Ana, one of the Octagon Studio team member. “The children's courage and bravery have inspired us greatly and we'll do what we can to help alleviate a little bit of their pain.”

Octagon Studio donated and contributed a number of its product to the Rumah Cinta Anak Kanker Bandung, including the Octagon VR Luna and a number of 4D Flashcards deck.

If you would like to contribute or find out more about how you can help, contact the Rumah Cinta Anak Kanker Bandung, Jln bijaksana dalam 3 Kel. Paster Kec. Sukajadi Bandung. Contact number: 08212656667

Our hearts and prayers go out to the children and we wish them nothing but the very best.