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CNN Indonesia Visits Octagon Studio HQ

Posted January 25th, 2016

Wednesday, January 20, 2016, marked a significant day for Octagon Studio, as CNN Indonesia visited Octagon Studio's Bandung office. Needless to say, CNN Indonesia's visit presented the company with a perfect platform to showcase their experience and expertise in the fields of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality as well as Mixed Reality; a validation of how far Octagon Studio has come in the last couple of years.

The news coverage was intended for the CNN Tech News, as the main reason for their visit was to inquire about the new and emerging Virtual Reality technology which has become more and more accessible to the general public.

Virtually Real

Spearheaded by CNN correspondent Robby Sofwan Amin, the CNN Indonesia's news crew arrived at our Bandung office at 2.00 PM and wasted no time getting to work. CNN started building up their story by gathering information from a number of Octagon Studio's key officers.

The discussion started off well with Virtual Reality technology at the forefront of the conversation. The CNN Indonesia's news crew were very direct and on point in their inquiries as they learned of Octagon Studio's brief history and the current prevalence of Virtual Reality technology in the general public. Head of Octagon VR, Fitri, explained in relative detail the establishment of the company and the current lineup of VR products and available apps to CNN.

“One of our objectives is to introduce alternate realities and different ways of perceiving various aspects of our world.” Explained Fitri. “Obviously, these alternate and virtual worlds wouldn't be accessible using only our naked eyes. Users equipped with the Octagon VR Luna, however, will be able to see and experience these immersive realities by utilizing and combining their smartphones with the necessary app.”

After testing out the various apps available for the VR Luna, the focus of the discussion then shifted to 360 photography and Virtual Tours. When asked the significance of Virtual Tours, Fitri stated, “I think it's a fair assessment to say that many of us in all likelihood, will never get a chance to travel the world and visit some of its iconic landmarks,” said Fitri. “In a way, Virtual Tours provide users the ability to visit some of the world's most beautiful and exotic places without requiring them to even leave their homes.”

Octagon VR's website serves as a hub for Virtual Tours enthusiasts and 360 photography aficionados worldwide. The online portal houses more than a thousand high quality, community empowered, 360 images available for viewing in multiple platforms. To get the most out of your VR experience, we recommend downloading and installing the Octagon 360 app for both Android and iOS and use them in unison with the VR Luna.

Staying true to our commitment of promoting innovation, Octagon VR will soon house 360 videos and develop more VR apps to support both our photo sharing platform and our wearable gears.

Augmented Reality

The CNN news crew continued their tour of duty by proceeding to Octagon Studio's Augmented Reality division, where they were greeted by a flashy demonstration of 4D Augmented Reality Flashcards.

The CNN crew expressed their astonishment on the level of ingenuity and technical prowess possessed by the Octagon Studio team members, stating the quality of the finished products was simply excellent.

When asked the significance of CNN Indonesia's visit to the company, Octagon Studio's CTO, Hasbi, stated, “CNN Indonesia's coverage of our company serves as an indication that both VR and AR are starting to get the recognition they deserve in the eyes of the general public. Its potential is practically infinite.”

Indeed, the proliferation of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies has emerged as one of the more exciting and prevalent technological advances in various fields. AR technology in particular, has ushered in a revolution in the way people see and perceive the world around them. The almost infinite potential of AR technology can currently be integrated into many areas, with education being the most noteworthy.

Regarding the possibility of emerging competition and how it affects the company, the company's COO Vina, responded, “Yes, we do expect some form of competition to start manifesting as these technologies gain more exposure and traction, but that will only serve to reinforce the fact that Octagon Studio is a pioneer in AR and VR technologies and will be miles away ahead of the competiton."