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Octagon Studio Fulfills an Invitation to Deliver a Workshop on Virtual Reality and 360 Photography at the Sosiohub Coworking Space Bandung

Posted May 18th, 2016

The exciting and emerging new technology of Virtual Reality is gaining more and more prominence while steadily encroaches further into the psyche of the general public. While it is indeed true that the number of people unfamiliar with the term VR is significantly dwindling, there’s no escaping the fact that the majority still considers VR and its various implementations as an expensive, inaccessible technology and one that is simply out of reach; an assertion which is not entirely accurate and does need to be constantly addressed as it arises.

Inline with its continuing mission of elevating the general public’s awareness on VR and AR technologies, Octagon Studio happily accepted an invitation to speak at a workshop being held by Sosiohub Coworking Space. The event was formally dubbed: “Virtual Reality: Transcending The Limits of Physical Reality,” and took place on Saturday, May 14, 2016 at the newly inaugurated public working space.   
The Venue

Octagon Studio deployed an away team led by the Head of Octagon VR Department, Fitri. She was accompanied by Reza, who would later serve as the workshop’s main speaker, as well as the rest of the team comprised of photographer/videographer, programmer and marketing officer.   

The team arrived on the scene an hour early from the appointed hour and was greeted by Arif and the rest of the Sosiohub crew. Arif proceeded to take the team on the tour of the establishment along with its available facilities. Among them were the Event and Exhibition space, a secure locker room, a cozy and comfortable lounge, meeting room as well as the effectively designed public space, which served as the venue for the workshop.         

Having familiarized themselves with the venue, the team immediately made the necessary preparations and calibrations for the presentation. It wasn’t long before the team was finally prepared to host the workshop.

The Workshop Commences
As the hour approaches, the attendees of the workshop started to amass on the scene and the public space was instantly filled to capacity. The crowd was promptly given access to the public space signaling the start of the event.

The workshop was kick-started by Octagon Studio’s Reza, introducing the company, himself and the rest of team to the audience. The informal and friendly nature of the workshop enabled the team to also solicit brief introductions from the audience, which apparently was pretty demographically diverse. The audience was comprised of students, lecturers, professionals, photographers as well as various IT practitioners.  

First on the agenda was to gauge the audiences’ level of familiarity regarding Virtual Reality technology and its everyday, real-world applications. As expected, most of the audience were indeed familiar with the term VR, albeit in the broadest of terms. The underlying assumption of the inaccessibility and impracticality of VR related technology was as expected, present and accounted for.        

Reza proceeded to introduce the brief history of VR technology starting from its earliest and most primitive manifestations, current and trending VR apps and gear, to futuristic working concepts and developments. Needless to say, the audience was completely absorbed by the seemingly infinite potential of possible VR applications in various fields. Having been presented with the team’s all-encompassing presentation regarding VR technology’s versatility, the audiences’ initial perception of VR solely associated to the field of gaming and entertainment was instantly shattered.

The workshop’s tone changed dramatically and questions and ideas started to flow as the audiences’ renewed sense of understanding of VR technology took hold. The team was more than happy to oblige the audiences’ enthusiasm by providing answers, examples and general input of VR technology’s current standing as well upcoming trends.

The Luna Factor
Perhaps more importantly, for a large majority of the audience, the introduction of the Octagon VR Luna wearable headset to the workshop proved to be their very first actual encounter and exposure to VR technology. Since the affordable VR Luna was purposefully designed to provide immersive VR experiences to practically anyone owning a smartphone, most members of the audience found the prospect of turning their handheld devices into an actual VR gear to be pleasantly intriguing.  


After the VR Luna was introduced, the team continued by placing the spotlight on their 360 spherical photography social platform, namely: The website is a panoramic photo hub comprised of about two thousand panoramas (and counting) provided by the platform’s growing community of panoramic photo enthusiasts worldwide.

The VR Luna, among other things, can be utilized to maximize the engaging panoramic experience being offered on the site. As part of the workshop, the audience was asked to download and install the Octagon 360 app into their handheld phones so that they may properly view all the 360 images housed within the social platform using the VR Luna later on.

The Live Demo
The focus of the workshop then shifted to creating 360 photography and sharing them with the world. Reza outlined the simple nature of crafting 360 panoramic by utilizing a stitching software as well as a number of photography tools / gears that are widely available, including the Octagon Locus. To ensure the audience properly grasp the idea of crafting a 360 panoramic photo, a live demonstration was performed.    


Octagon Studio's Rizki, took the lead by expertly performing all the necessary steps using all the available gears. As the DSLR camera was placed on the center of the room, 8 camera shots were taken in accordance with the angles provided by the Locus. The 8 shots were immediately worked on using a paid stitching software and immediately resulted in a parallax free, 360 panoramic photo. The finished photo was uploaded into the Octagon VR website and was then ready to be viewed across multiple mobile platforms.

It’s certainly worth mentioning that the whole process was completed within an impressive 15 minute period.

The Aftermath

At the end of the workshop, two lucky members of the audience walked home with their very own Octagon VR Luna and 4D Flashcard Decks, after having successfully performed the tasks required by the Octagon Studio team.

Furthermore, the management of Sosiohub Coworking Space saw fit to honor the Octagon Studio away team by presenting them with a Plaque of Appreciation for their role as the workshop’s speaker. The Plaque was well received by Reza and both Octagon Studio and Sosiohub conveyed their mutual appreciation for one another as well as their hopes of a continued, mutually beneficial relationship.