Windsor Castle

The Windsor Castle, the ex officio weekend residence of the Queen of England and the Duke of Edinburgh. Primarily a Victorian and Georgian structure by design with a bit of modern Gothic features thrown into the mix, the Windsor Castle holds dominion over its immediate surroundings consisting of acres upon acres of abundant, verdant terrain as well as the river Thames. The Castle certainly looks majestic and does indeed radiate the allure of a fairytale-ish medieval castle; perhaps due to the fact that it is and has always remained fully operational in its service to the Queen.

Visitors will find many of the items housed within the walls of the Windsor Castle to be mesmerizing. The Castle's amazing collections of lifelike paintings, exquisite ceiling arts, brilliant swords and armors as well as the simply elegant silverware and china being displayed in the glass display, truly signify the incredible affluence in which the Rulers of England live in.

Perhaps the most famous attraction of the Castle tour is the Queen Mary's Dollhouse; a miniaturized lifelike depiction of an aristocratic dwelling, conceived by Sir Edwin Luytens at the early years of the 20th century at the behest of Queen Mary. Be forewarned, however, that if your visit to the Castle involves visiting this famous masterpiece, the lines are notoriously long and no photographs whatsoever are allowed within the room. As such, you'll have to rely on your infallible memory to conjure up vivid images of the spectacular dollhouse in the future. Or you may opt to simply search the internet for pictures of the dollhouse, whichever is easier.

The Changing of the Guards ceremony is also one that appeals to many visitors of Windsor Castle. Visitors may spectate the ceremony but as it is held during specific dates and days, checking the schedule beforehand would undoubtedly be a wise course of action.

All in all, the Windsor Castle may be summed up by the following sentiment; an opulently maintained representation of the British Empire's prominence and sovereignty over the last millennium.

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