The Vegas Strip; an ever popular hotspot where most people can never have their fill. Not many people are aware of the Strip's somewhat bloody heritage, as once upon a time organized crime practically ruled Las Vegas. From Bugsy Siegel to Meyer Lansky, the Strip has indeed seen and experienced the turmoils of criminal power struggles.

Today, The Strip's ties to the criminal underworld have all but cleanly severed; the large corporations and companies running much of the business in Las Vegas have no interest in associating themselves with less than reputable groups and individuals.

Visiting the Las Vegas Strip means keeping yourself busy with an array of really fun activities. While it's true that Vegas is not meant for children, if you're visiting with your children, however, you'll find that the Strip accommodates them as well. The Excalibur features a game room for children on their bottom floor.

If spectacular shows are what you're looking for, nearly every hotel features some type of breathtaking and daring shows. All of the hotels are sort of like clustered in together and are within walking distance of each other. Due to this fact, you can easily catch one show after another in different hotels.

The Las Vegas Strip literally shines during the night. Night time attraction includes the Watershow at the Fountains of Bellagio, Mirage's Volcano, the Venetian Gondola Ride and so on.

Whatever fun activities you're looking to find in Las Vegas, there's really no better place to start than the famous Las Vegas Trip.

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