Sanghyang Heuleut, The Bathing Place of Angels

Sanghyang Heuleut is an isolated lake located in Padalarang, an area just outside of Bandung, Indonesia. This beautiful lake is hidden within massive stones and thick vegetation and has recently enjoyed a surge in popularity due to the circulation of its images online, much like its nearby tourist attraction, Stone Garden Padalarang.

The Journey
Visitors wishing to visit Sanghyang Heuleut be forewarned; the Lake’s reputation of being a hidden gem is well founded. Actually reaching the Lake can be considered a monumental achievement for most. Visitors must be prepared to endure a two hour hike through a rough terrain; a combination of steep inclines, knee deep streams and narrow stony passages.

If visitors are determined to negotiate the heavy terrain and visit the Lake, it is highly advisable to come well prepared for the demanding journey. Be sure to provide adequate sustenance of food and water as there are no shops, vendors or even toilets available. Wear light, nonrestrictive clothing and proper hiking footwear to maximize mobility, and avoid continuing the journey should the weather deteriorates.

The Prize
For the most determined of explorers, Sanghyang Heuleut rewards them with a sense of gratification and accomplishment unlike any other. The almost mystical allure of a pristine Lake hidden within the wilderness guarded by ancient rocks and stones lends credence to the legend surrounding Sanghyang Heuleut.

According to folklore, Sanghyang Heuleut in ancient times was the bathing place of Angels. The natural beauty of the lake and its surroundings enticed the Heavens to allow its Angels to descend upon the Earth and cleanse their bodies in the toscan green water.

Whether there is truth to the local legends or otherwise, visitors certainly may bathe in the pristine water and enjoy the pure, unadulterated nature of the Lake’s surroundings. The atmosphere is rather difficult to describe; there’s a certain, barely noticeable ‘hum’ just under the surface which visitors may pick up on provided they purposely attune themselves to it. This ‘hum’ is one of those things that must be felt to be believed.

After claiming the prize offered by Sanghyang Heuleut, visitors must traverse the journey back to civilization. No to worry, however, as the rejuvenation properties of the Lake will augment the visitors’ mental and physical mettle.   

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