The heart of San Francisco

San Francisco Union Square is a public plaza located at downtown San Francisco covering an area of 2.6 acres. The Square is also famous for being one of the world’s premiere shopping districts which caters to returning customers of Wolfgang Puck Express, Carolina Herrera, Yves Saint Laurent and many more. But perhaps more importantly, San Francisco Union Square serves as the heartbeat of the city and every visitor to San Francisco should definitely put the Union Square at the top of their itinerary.

As the city center, San Francisco Union Hall is understandably ‘colorful.’ Observing locals blending in and interacting with visitors from a variety of backgrounds and cultures is, at the very least, interesting. There’s also a variety of street performers and cable cars which visitors will surely find interesting along with the Cable Car Museum situated not too far from the Square.

Of course when a place is referred to as ‘the heart of the city,’ it goes without saying that one such place must be conveniently situated within a stone’s throw away of just about any other places of interests. Traveling from San Francisco Union Square to the Golden Gate bridge and Park, the airport, the city’s west end or East Bay is really easy and convenient. Staying true to the age-old mantra, the Union Square’s claim as San Francisco’s beating heart is thus validated.

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