Fairy Stream

Legends speak of a lumberjack who lost his way within the woods and went dehydrated for days. The lumberjack eventually discovered the stream and drank thirstily, but his sights were then amused by the mystical fairies bathing in the stream. From that moment on, the stream was known as the Fairy Stream of Mui Ne.

Visiting Vietnam won’t feel complete if you haven’t walked along the orange-reddish color of Fairy Stream (Suoi Tien) in Mui Ne, Vietnam. After sliding at the red dunes, take a barefoot walk heading to the stream under the sunkiss, smell the freshness of nature, and dip your toes into the stream’s bottom. It isn’t that deep, approximately about ankle deep, which is safe for us to walk.

Surrounded by green bushes, the sunlight passes through the coconut tree and grants the water an enchanting sparkle. Turn your head to the west and marvel at sun setting upon the red canyon. As the stream gets deeper, you’d better climb upon the bank and wear sandals as the land can get particularly hot on sunny days. Small shops selling beverages are available too to keep your hydration away.

Walking with your barefoot for approximately 20 minutes in the little river, will take you to the small waterfall. Visitors are allowed to bathe there so that they may cleanse their bodies of their perspiration.

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